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Welcome to the home Destroyer the 2013 short film directed by Andrew Kightlinger. Destroyer is a suspenseful tale of a man working to save his marriage, and the wife that has already let go of the love they once had. We are excited to bring this story to film festivals in 2014. Please visit this site often for updates, and follow us on our social media channels.



Destroyer is the story of the frailty of love. To salvage his marriage, a desperate husband (Frank) performs a last-ditch act of love to persuade his wife that there is something left between them.


Destroyer features the talent of Alan Ruck as “Frank” and Judith Hoag as “Debbie”. Alan and Judith bring Kightlinger’s vision to life in a way the director never thought possible. We know you’ll be captivated by the performance, and

you’ll be hanging on edge – waiting for what will happen next as Frank works to save what he and Debbie once had.


Film is a purely collaborative art form. Without these amazing folks, Destroyer would be nothing more than an idea rattling around in Andrew Kighltinger’s head. The least we can do for such dedicated film makers, is allot a portion of this

site to their individual biographies.